I'd like to welcome you to interTax Accounting & Tax Services' online site.  InterTax was established in year 2000 by John McLaughlin, EA, a former Revenue Agent of the IRS.  With several years experience auditing individuals, sole proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies in California's silicon valley, John has deep knowledge of how the IRS operates, conducts audits, decides upon collection activities, and prioritizes its workload.  While gaining a reputation as knowledgeble and tenacious when employed by the IRS, he was surprised to learn that the quality of tax representation was often very low, regardless of the representative's professional status.  He decided to always be a strong advocate for his clients in order to acheive a higher level of professionalism.   

Based in Phoenix, Arizona from 2000-2015, interTax has made the transition to a 100% online presence in the interest of providing service to clients faster and more efficiently.  interTax is accepting clients on a very limited basis, preferably by referral from other existing clients. 

Services we offer include income tax return preparation (the basis for IRS decisions about a taxpayer starts with what the IRS sees on tax return filings - the importance of choosing the right preparer cannot be underestimated), assistance in responding to IRS letters, collection actions, and audits, setup and training of accounting & bookkeeping systems, consulting in regards to entity types and tax elections, as well as a limited amount of business decision assistance.  We do not provide financial market or investment advice.

If these services interest you, and you want more information about becoming a client, go to the "Contact Us" link below to send us a message about your needs.